AVG VPN Review

When it comes to customer service, AVG vpn is below average. They have no www.inhumanbean.com/board-portal-comparison-that-will-aid-to-make-a-relevant-decision any live chat support, but their customer care team is responsive. If you have a question, that they is going to direct you to a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page, where you can find answers to common issues. If you have a far more complex concern, you can speak to them by phone or perhaps email.

AVG VPN uses an industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption step to keep your data private. It also uses an SSL license to add extra layer of security. Additionally, it uses the IPSec protocol to switch sites instantly. One thing that several users might find annoying is that the software is not going to let you pick the protocol it uses. Instead, it has pre-set protocols for almost every single device.

One other feature that many of us appreciate is the fact AVG presents a free trial. This allows you to test the service risk-free for up to 7 days. After that, if you like it, it is simple to get a return. To claim your refund, you must contact you can actually customer support crew. They will consult you as to why you’re rescheduling your membership and will inform you within the refund procedure.

While other VPNs employ virtual hosts, AVG provides a huge physical network of servers. This helps you access even more content and avoid slowdowns. Its network is certainly redundant, allowing it to have added servers in the event one is overloaded. It also provides the option of choosing a server network based on the position. This is a major feature with regards to unblocking websites.

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