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Nowadays with the rise in tile and ceramic usage for different surfaces such as walls and floors, many of the best brands and companies, and manufacturers have set foot in this market, these producers are manufacturing tile and ceramic all over the world according to the needs of the customers. But the producers who are producing tile and ceramic at the level of global standards are limited, since producing tile and ceramic with the best quality depends on having first-grade raw material, and only countries with rich natural resources are able to do so.

Because of that many countries in Asia who have natural resources are producing the best tile and ceramics with the highest quality, other countries in other continents usually import raw materials from Asia or Africa, so it can easily be concluded from this very fact that the product produced by them would be more expensive than the one produced in countries where they have their own raw materials. So we suggest that if you are planning to buy tile and ceramic at a reasonable price, make sure to buy them from countries with rich natural resources. We can say that Asian countries are the flagship of producing the best tiles.

floor tile manufacturers

most of us want to buy tile and ceramic, especially floor tiles, and we usually search for phrases such as best tile and ceramic manufacturer, best tile and ceramic brand, best floor tile, etc. studies show that producers all over the world are producing floor tiles, as these studies show, best brands are located in Asia, one of these brands is Takceram which is one of the familiar names in tiles and ceramic industry, this brand has been able to attain a respective place in tile and ceramic global market.

floor tile manufacturers

This brand started its production line by producing 3 million square meters of tile and ceramic with the usage of the best tile and ceramic manufacturing machinery. Takceram produces a variety of porcelain and granite tiles and ceramics with different designs and colors and has earned several international standards so far. Being highly anti-acid and low moisture absorption are some technical qualities of this brand’s products.

Without any doubt, one of the other famous tile and ceramic manufacturing brands is Marjan tiles which work in the field of tile and ceramic production. The huge variety of tiles in this factory, from porcelain and polished and luxury tiles to tiles with anti-acid and Light transmittance helped this brand to gain more popularity and fame in this industry. and of course, these mentioned brands are not the only brands in this huge industry.

best tile brands

we are trying to introduce the best brands in the tile and ceramic industry, one of the best and biggest tile and ceramic brands is Rock Ceramic, this company produces a variety of international-level tiles and ceramic and is located in the United Arab Emirates.

best tile brands

it is widely known as the 3rd best brand in tiles and ceramic industry all around the world, there are branches of this company in Bangladesh, India, and Iran, this company uses latest Italian machinery for manufacturing its products, without any doubt, quality of products manufactured by this brand is definitely at the top among the best products in this industry.

another famous brand is Tabriz Tile, what makes this brand different from others is the fact that this brand studied its target market closely and produced its products according to the needs of its potential customers, at first Tabriz Tile used to just produce floor tiles, but with some time gone and the popularity gain of this brand they started producing wall tiles as well and now this company is producing tiles and ceramics in different dimensions, sizes, shapes, colors, qualities and prices, and exports its products to countries all around the world.

ceramic tile brands

One of the biggest tile and ceramic producing brands in Asia is Mahceram company, the main reason that can encourage and convince people to purchase from this company is their usage of most latest and up to dated technology for manufacturing tiles and ceramics. This brand has been able to producing different categories of tile and ceramic and export them to many countries.

ceramic tile brands

One of the most reliable and credible producers of tile and ceramic is the Persian Tiles company, this company with the usage of most latest European technologies and observance of CE standards has been able to produce tiles and ceramics with the highest grade and quality. High resistance of tiles and ceramics produced by this company against scratch and abrasion has made their products one of the best options for covering floors with high traffic rates, such as airports, hotels, big companies, malls and etc.

this company has been able to export its products to foreign countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. one of the reasons that have made this brand popular among buyers is its reasonable price. All these factors have made this brand an appropriate option for every taste and style and budget.

porcelain tile brands

One of the biggest producers of porcelain is Yazd Porcelain company, this production unit presents its products to its customers in many different shapes and colors, and sizes which makes them more popular in comparison with other brands and companies and production units.

porcelain tile brands

Tile and ceramic producing companies that are located in Europe and specifically in countries like Germany, Spain, Italy and etc. are producing products with high quality but those products can not really compete with the tiles and ceramics produced in Asian countries because the raw material that can be found in Asian countries is purer and has better quality.

Having this fact in mind that our company works with best brands and companies in tiles and ceramic industry, it can provide a huge collection of products. Our firm offers tile and ceramics in a variety of sizes and shapes for various sections of your building, including the floor, wall, washroom, bathroom, and even the yard. We assure you that this is not a problem because of the services we give to our clients to ensure that their requests are delivered safely. As a consequence, many various business owners have sought to contact us in order to receive the ceramic and tile they need.

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