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With the advancement of technology, the ceramic and tiles industry underwent a transformation. According to people’s needs, tile manufacturers turned to producing shapes other than rectangles and squares. Nowadays there are round, 6 sides, round quarter and other different shapes available in the market. Each tile according to its shape and structure has a particular use. For instance, 6 sides tiles are commonly used in washrooms, bathrooms, and pools. These tiles have a lot of beauty aspects and by choosing these tiles in different colors, we can create a beautiful design and appearance in the place. That is why people prefer to use them in such places to attract everyone’s attention.

On the other hand, round tiles and ceramics are suitable everywhere because these tiles are produced in different designs, colors, grades, and qualities. However round coating as 6 shapes tile has both decorative and ornamental aspects.

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Ceramic quarter round is another category of floor and wall coating. This sort is not as well-known as other tile classifications. The use of this type is in wall corners to cover the gap between wall tile and floor. Also, people use it to hide the wall holes.

The important and main benefit of choosing tile and ceramic as floor and wall coverings are they make building structures safer than cement and plaster coating. In the same way in the past, the risk of building collapse was greater than it is now. Generally choosing them allows you to have lots of different benefits, other than their safety. For example, they make the space look more beautiful, unmixed, and monolithic.

Our firm is honored to provide a variety of these products including round, 6 sides, quarter round, and other popular shapes in various colors, designs, dimensions, and sizes with high quality and the most reasonable price.

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Round ceramic tiles

The ceramic and tiles industry according to people’s requirements is expanding day by day. That is why manufacturers are looking to create the latest products. Round ceramic tile is one of the latest shapes having different usages. Consider that cutting round tiles requires great care. These cuts are made with very advanced machines that use the most up-to-date technology and have extremely high accuracy. Like other tiles categories, this type has a variety of colors, designs, qualities, grades, and sizes. People use them on their kitchen walls, living rooms, bathrooms, and washrooms and most pool owners are looking for these ceramic tiles. The important factor about this tile that has to be considered before buying it is that it cannot easily be installed because even the smallest mistake in the installment process can harm your interior design and make it look ugly, so be careful to ask professionals to install the tiles for you so that you can have a lovely interior design. Probably the easiest way to install this tile is using the special glue because cement and clay will not be involved and you can easily attach the tile to the surface, you will find it surprising that this glue can be used to attach new tiles on the old ones.

In terms of its variety in colors, you have many options to choose from, for instance, people who are looking for round tiles for their pool can use several blue-colored tiles for covering the floor and the wall of the pool, people usually prefer to use different colors instead of different designs.

Fortunately, our company’s manufacturers have the capacity to produce this kind of tile for every taste and style and you can make the best decision by getting in contact with our sales consultant and get the best tile for your place.

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Quarter round ceramic tiles

Another tile shape is quarter-round ceramic tiles. Maybe the role of these tiles in the building’s structure would not be that noticeable. But you must know that even with its minor effect on building structure, it plays a big role in maintaining the front and appearance of the place.

If you have ever noticed there is always a gap between the wall tiles and floor tiles which is not just ugly but can also cause different insects and animals like ants and beetles and even in some cases rats to grow, so in order to cover these gaps quarter round category is used. This is not the only situation in which this type of tile is used, it can also be used for designing purposes like other tiles. For example, you can draw a border between floor tiles and wall tiles by using an opposite color than the floor and the wall tiles for them, which can provide a better look. In general, you can use these quarter tiles to cover wall corners or like some people to cover wall shelf corners. Just like other tiles and ceramics, installment of this type of tile should be done by professionals so the uncovered area gets fully and properly covered, using this coating instead of cement and plaster can make your building safer and prevent insects and animals to enter your building.

Our company has managed to produce quarter round ceramic tiles in different sizes and colors. We can offer the best item according to customers’ needs and interior design and budget. You can get in contact with our sales consultants to have a better purchase.

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Round ceramic tiles for crafts

The usage of Tile and ceramic is not limited to only covering walls and floors.

Some ceramic tiles are only for decorative purposes like round tiles which mostly are used in crafts, these types of tiles are not usually used for any other purpose, although you cannot ignore the unique beauty and grace that these tiles bring to the environment. This tile is made from high-quality materials that are thicker and more resistant to detergents, moisture infiltration, heat, and cracking than other types. Because of their wide range of variety in designs, colors, and sizes, they are the best choice for people with different tastes and styles. One of the interesting factors of this product is its traditional and nostalgic appearance therefore people who are looking to have both traditional and modern interior design at the same time. They can use floor and wall ceramic tiles for modernizing it and round ceramic tiles made crafts to traditionalize it. Apart from its use in crafts, it is difficult to overlook its use in architecture.

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These tiles are used to decorate the entrances of numerous historical places, particularly in countries with monuments, such as several Asian countries.

Also, they can be used for the interior design of commercial buildings, restaurants or coffee shops, hotel lobbies, shopping centers, and even offices in luxury buildings. The more the tile’s design is interesting, the more they are classified as luxury arts.

A Hotel’s lobby and restaurants and coffee shops are good and appropriate places to serve the guests and have meetings with your clients, the more beautiful design it gets, the more attractive it will be, their walls and floors are really in the center of attention and because of this very fact designing needs more creativity. Therefore, we recommend to those places owners to use tile and ceramics that have a usage in crafts for decorating their interior.

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4 6 3 inch round ceramic tiles

When it comes to tiles and ceramics there are several factors explaining them such as their grade, dimensions, and sizes, shapes including rectangular, round 4 6 3 inch, square, and so on.

Perhaps most people just have seen the rectangle and square shapes of this coating and they have not seen the round, 6 sides, and other shapes of this product. it might be interesting to know that there are also 18 sides tiles. However, tiles with rectangle and square shapes are extremely common among customers rather than other shapes. Because these shapes can easily adjust in any area that is why everyone is looking to purchase this type of tile.

Though there are some people among those looking for rectangle and square shapes that seek different and unique tiles. The tiles attract everyone’s attention. Round ceramic tiles are one of the newest shapes which have particular uses. These tiles are mostly selected for decorative purposes. It’s not common to use them for the entire wall and floor. it would be more beautiful and appropriate if they are installed for part of your bathrooms and washrooms such as their wall, ceiling, and even floor.

ceramic tile

Round ceramic tiles are produced from first-grade materials making them resistant in contrast to heat, moisture, crack, and fracture. Because of its low water absorption, it is used in pools. Of course, these tiles’ beautiful appearance made them more popular in such places and they attract audiences.

Our company provides different shapes of tile and ceramics including rectangular, square, round, 6 sides, and so on with different dimensions and sizes made with high-quality materials. These tiles have various designs and colors. You can get whatever you are looking for at the most reasonable price.

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